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Basic motivation and methods of pick up

Basic motivation and methods of pick up

1. You can pick up everywhere. Transport, street, shopping centers, cafes, clubs, libraries. It does not matter if she’s chilling with her friends or is walking in the park with her mother. If you think any of these cases are difficult - this is your internal limitation.

2. If you feel afraid to start – do it! This is the only way to overcome fear. Fear is an indicator of development. It is better to do and regret than not to do and regret! No failures - there is only feedback and experience.

3. In conversation, be flexible and persevering. She can play a little with you and give the phone not immediately. She can say something like: "I do not get acquainted on the street". Over time, girls will stop throwing these out and will want you more than you do them. Practice is important!

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4. Fear of acquaintance. The most important thing to understand is that any girl will be pleased if an attractive young man approaches her on the street. But only if he will approach with a conversation, not an all-out perv assault.

5. Establish eye contact before acquaintance, imagine how wonderful it will be with her, you will understand that you are cool and she is too, smile and wink to start, she will usually smile in return. A smile can be trained at the mirror, but when a girl really likes it - then a smile and a look will give it away.

6. If there was eye contact and she smiled back, and even fixed her hair, while looking at you, you should take her phone. If it is more comfortable for you, say that you are in a hurry, and that you will call her back. But we advise not to do so.

7. You can start with a compliment, but it must be sincere and original. For example: "Your purse and shoes fit together very well, good choice of color, it looks awesome." The fact that she has great tits… yeah, she knows it herself.

8. Conduct contextual and situational openers. All that you come up with on the go will fit the situation. You just started a conversation, you're just such a cool guy that you're interested in talking to this girl. On any interesting topic. Look around, notice something interesting and comment to start a dialogue. This is especially effective for the night clubs, the whole club is one big context.

9. The worst phrase for dating: "Hey, let’s be friends?". The worst opener – is the one you’ve read on the Internet, Improvise!

10. The rule of three seconds. So, you saw the beauty, then for 3 seconds you think of what to say and how to start the conversation, then you approach confidently. Or show any other signs of interest - wink, smile, and then approach. What to say - you come up with it on the go.

11. In extreme cases, to begin a conversation with, you can have a couple of home-made phrases that you’ve prepared in advance. But it's still best to improvise.

12. Do not protract the acquaintance. Take her phone at the peak of communication or change the place to a more suited one for a proper date.

13. Try it! It will remain a theory, if you do not try these tips in practice. It is important! The first pick up phrase can be the beginning of a beautiful novel, everything is in your hands.


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