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How to slide into a girl's DMs: motivations and tips

Sliding into someone's DMs means initiating a conversation in direct messages. It might be difficult to start a conversation with a stranger, especially not knowing what they like and what type of person they are. However, women from bebemur say that not texting the girl you like would be even the bigger trouble.

Fear of rejection might be fatal to some young men, but losing a great potential partner would be an irreversible mistake. However, some guys need words of encouragement to text their girl crush, so this is how you do it smartly:

1. Lurk, lurk, lurk

There is no better remedy than lurking someone's page before texting them. Get into your spy costume and start monitoring her likes and dislikes. Try to get the gist of her political views, learn about her interests, and mimic the texting style. Yes, it might be unfair and pretentious to copy someone's interests just for one conversation, but it will reassure you. It will be a great backup because now you understand the seeming similarities.

2. Work on your profile

You cannot text a girl from a fake account and expect her to answer you in a minute. People usually stay away from profiles with no pictures and information because why would they answer an anonymous user? The girl will think about common sense and precautions and quickly delete your message or ban you. However, if you text from an account full of photos and information, your crush will quickly realize that you are, in fact, a sane and safe person to give a chance to. And how would you behave if a stranger randomly went Romeo and Juliette on you from a blank account? Creepy.

3. Don't start with a compliment

Unless the girl is talkative and down for a random conversation with strangers, chances are, you will not get a reply. Hearing a compliment from a stranger is flattering but does not necessarily lead to a conversation. Additionally, if you do not want to get a dry like on your text instead of a full-on reply, start with a question. Then, come up with an invite that will get her attention. Your first goal is leaving the Requests list and getting into the DMs.

4. Say that you saw her somewhere

Even if that isn't entirely true, your first fifty characters displayed in a notification must be interesting and shocking enough for her to want to answer. If she knows for sure there is no way on Earth you could lock eyes; it will make her want to leave a reply, reassuring you or leading to more questions. Get a good hook and work with it.

5. Leave a reply under her story

If we are talking about Instagram direct messages, people are more likely to answer questions about their recent photos because they get more excited to share content. You will get a high probability of a reply if a girl sees you in her requests. The only important tip is to text a sentence instead of emojis because it is hard to reply to non-verbal praise.

6. Start with a friendly text

Your text message shouldn't be about appearance because you don't know how the other side will accept a compliment. If a girl posts on serious topics and all you talk about is her boobs and a pretty face, you might get blocked immediately from not "catching the vibe." There is a fine line between being neutral and too PC, but try to make your text engaging enough without getting into buffoonery and sexual harassment.

7. If you have a good sense of humor, use it

Women love when guys make an extra step to stand out. Striking a conversation with a joke will help immensely because a girl will feel less alienated and more prone to jab back. Make sure your joke doesn't sound offensive because shock-factor isn't the best idea if you want to be taken seriously.

8. Start with a request

See the professionalism in a girl, and operate every known fact. If she has a model face, ask if she has any tips. Stroke her ego or genuinely ask to collaborate if she is a content creator. Ensure your text doesn't look like a promo because she might think you are one of those business accounts. Say how cool it would be to get her advice on X, and don't forget to thank her for giving you time.

9. Be friendly and don't space out

Guys who ghost women to seem cooler choose the wrong tactics. You have to get into her good graces. Seeing her reply five hours later won't work because she doesn't know you enough.


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